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How to Apply for Loans Online

As nearly all forms of credit have moved online, almost every lender now offer loans over the internet. These are typically short-term and low-principal loans like payday loans. Online payday loans are usually between £100 and £1500† and if approved, are designed to provide a convenient way for you to get through the sudden expenses that you're least prepared for. These loans are typically repaid with your next three paycheques, but now longer loans of 12 months are becoming the norm.

Customers use payday loans when they need to cover bills, make repairs or just get them through to the next payday. Some customers have repairs to their homes that require immediate attention such as a burst pipe. Others need their car to get to work, so when a repair is required to keep it running, they need to make that repair as soon as possible. Sometimes a customer's utility bill is due, and they want to avoid a late fee or a shut-off. It may just be that there isn't enough money in the bank this week to cover regular expenses like food and gas because of an earlier paid off unexpected expense. Nearly everyone has been in a position where they needed money quickly because of an expense that seemed to have come from out of the blue.

But it's no longer a complicated, time-consuming headache to acquire small loans. Loans can be applied for on the Internet in the privacy and comfort of one's own home, and technology has made it easier than ever to quickly apply for and receive personal loans, if approved.

At QuickQuid, we use a simple online application process. If your application is approved, lenders will send funds directly to your bank account within 10 minutes after approval.§ Short-term loans through QuickQuid are not just convenient, they come with the flexibility that today’s busy life — and economy — require. We accept loan applications 24/7, 365 days a year. Weekends and bank holidays? QuickQuid is still processing applications. Guidance with your application or questions about your loan? We've got you covered. You can contact us by phone or email seven days a week.

How Do I Borrow Money With QuickQuid?

With QuickQuid, applying to borrow money is very straightforward. You should read through the terms of any lender, and consider all of your options to make sure QuickQuid is right for you. You won't run into any hidden fees with us, click here to see all of our Rates & Terms. If you want to borrow money, we feel QuickQuid is the way to go. We aim to offer loans that work for our customers, be accessible at all times, and transparent in our operations.

Using Loans Responsibly

Approved UK citizens use our cash loans every day to get cash when they can't afford to wait. But they understand that loans need to be used responsibly. We intend for our payday loans to get customers past the economic imperative they don’t have the resources to handle, but they are not a solution to long-term financial problems. Loans like these are meant to be a tool for financial recovery so that our customers can start saving.

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QuickQuid Will Find You The Right Loan

Immediate money needs can arise from nowhere, especially when you’re least prepared to deal with them. Whether your car is in the garage, the gas bill is through the roof or you just need some cash to get you to your next payday, it’s important to find the money you need quickly, so you can get on with life as usual. That’s where fast loans come into play. The payday loans that you find through can help you deal with emergency money needs quickly and get back to what’s really important.

What makes loans on our site the premier choice for your immediate money needs? First, these loans are convenient. Just apply online from the comfort of your home in minutes and get a fast loans decision. Second, they’re fast – most applicants can get their loans sent to their bank within 20 minutes. And last but not least, all the loans on this site are loans that are completely licensed in the U.K. That means you can rest easy knowing that you’re not paying more than you should for your loans or that you’re not working with a fly-by-night loans provider.

Now there is a quick and simple solution to your everyday cash flow problems. Apply for a payday loan in just minutes, get quick approval¶ and receive up to £1500† deposited directly into your current account as quickly as today.§ Best of all, you can apply online from the privacy of your own home and get funds sent within 30 minutes or less.§ No more expensive credit card late fees, no more bounced Direct Debits – just the pounds you need, when you need them!

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Latest FAQs

So many loans, how do you know which one I want?

Although there are 20 different loan types available (Quick Loans, Same-day Loans etc), we only use one application form. Our application form will detect the information you enter and automatically know which kind of loan it is you're applying for. For example, if you say you want the loan for three months, it will tailor your application to a short-term loan. If you request a loan amount of £1000 or over, it will suspect that you want 12 month loan. All loans are paid out the same day. 

Will QuickQuid be the Direct Lender?

QuickQuid has only recently returned to the UK, we do not have FCA permission to lend directly at the moment. We are looking into the possibility of restarting lending at some point in 2024. Until then, we decided to work with a small number of trusted partners that we believe our customers will benefit from. It will be those partners who provide the loans.

I had a loan with QuickQuid before 2020, Can I still apply?

Yes, this version of QuickQuid has no links to the previous one. We do not have any of their records or customer details. If you previously owed QuickQuid money from an earlier loan, that has nothing to do with us. As far as we are concerned, this is a fresh start and you can apply without negative bias from us towards the new loan decision.


We're back! QuickQuid returns to assist UK consumers with their financial needs.