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If approved, get as little as £100 sent within 10 minutes after approval.

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Credit intermediary not a lender. Representative Example: Amount of credit: £1000 for 11 months at £102.22 per month. Total repayment of £1226.64. Interest: £226.64 Interest rate: 47.5% pa (fixed). APR rates range from 9.3% APR to 102.5%.

What are small loans?

Small loans are personal loans you receive from a creditor or lender. Often, people use these loans to help cover unexpected expenses, like medical bills or surprise car repair payments. Many creditors offer small loans to people who have less-than-perfect credit, and sometimes even those who have no credit. Some of these small loans are required to be paid back in full by your next payday.

Do you offer a 100 pound loan?

Approved customers can get up to 1,000 pounds, but not every customer needs the full 1,000 pounds. If you're in a tight jam, you might need something to get your car working so you can get back to work. We aim to help customers with unexpected expenses because sometimes those expenses add unneeded stress. If approved, you can certainly take out a 100 pound loan with QuickQuid. We understand that our customers get stuck in financial bottlenecks. You might need only 100 pounds, but that doesn't make the need for it any less substantial. Sometimes small 100 pound loans like this can give you room to breathe when you're in a tight spot.

How are they different from small payday loans?

By rule of thumb: There is no difference. However, some small loans may be referred to as open lines of credit. Still others are called running credit accounts. These are loans that can be drawn from multiple times, until you reach your credit limit. Small payday loans usually don’t have the option to be drawn multiple times without reapplying. Creditors often use different names to add distinctiveness to their products. Pay attention to a small loan’s borrowing range and the creditor's reputation. For example, QuickQuid allows its customers to apply for amounts between £100 – £1500, if approved. Other lenders may require you to take out more than £1000. "Small" for some people may only mean £500, which is significantly less than some lenders' minimums. Also, keep in mind that small payday loans, such as QuickQuid's short term product, are often expected to be repaid in full by the time you receive your next paycheque.

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When would I use a small loan?

When unexpected expenses catch you off guard and you're in a bind, a "same day loan" through QuickQuid can be a helpful way to ease financial woes. To find a small loan that suits you, make sure you know how much you're borrowing and how much it will cost. Find a brand like QuickQuid that can work with you to find the right small loan, repaid over 1, 24 repayment periods.

Questions and Answers

Small Loan FAQs

Is it easier to be accepted on a small loan or a large loan?

Statistically, over the last 15  years it has been easier to be accepted on a loan of less than £750, than it is  to be accepted for one over that figure. Normally the less money you apply for, the higher the chance that you will be accepted.

Lenders are wary of borrows they don't know. Once you have built a good relationship with your lender, there will be more likely to let you more money in the future.

How large can a small loan be?

Anything above £1000 we would consider to be above what most people would call the small loan. Loans between £1000 and £5000, we would consider to be medium loans, figures above £5000 we would consider to be a large loan.

I thought small loans had been banned, is that true?

No they haven't been banned, but many of the lenders who used to specialise in small loans have, for one reason or another, ceased trading over the last six years. Some have fallen into administration, whilst others have voluntarily stopped offering loans of less than £1000. The reason for this may be that the FCA implemented a price cap on loans of less than £1000. A significant number of lenders decided that they can no longer make a profit with these conditions and quit the small loan market.

Do I need to repay a small loan in one payment?

There is no set repayment schedule at this point. All of the lenders we work with will offer different repayment options. On our application form you can request how long and over how many instalments you would like to repay the money. The lenders will then look at that request and try to match it to a loan offer.

As far as we know, all loans now come with multiple instalment options, lenders seem to prefer it. If you would prefer to repay the money in full and in one instalment, you are always free to make an overpayment.

Why Should I Use QuickQuid For A Small Loan?

Our brand name is associated with both speedy payouts and fast approval. We have an amazing reputation that allows us to get beneficial rates for our customers with Direct Lenders. Our standing for transparency has been earned over a number of years, going all the way back to the Credit Crunch of the early 2000s. In addition to that, we have an excellent customer service team ready to handle any problems should they arise.  


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