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What kind of loans does QuickQuid offer?

At QuickQuid, we arrange short-term personal loans with a focus on flexibility. We understand that when you need emergency funding, you need a loan that will work for your unique financial circumstances. That's why we've created a loan process that allows approved customers the opportunity to choose both their loan amount and loan duration. By selecting the amount of funds and the length of their loan repayment, each customer can build a plan that will fit their budget.

What are the time periods involved in a QuickQuid short-term loan?

Finding the right loan can often hinge on flexibility, with the more customisable option resulting in improved affordability. With that in mind, QuickQuid arranges loans that allow approved customers the flexibility they need to build a loan for their unique circumstances.

When applying for a short-term loan, customers have the option of choosing to repay over 1 - 12 of your personal repayment periods. This means that, when an approved customer takes out a loan, they can choose to repay it in 1 - 12 portions, with interest accrued daily. The benefits of daily interest are that savings can be made should customers wish to repay their loan early.

What can I use short-term loans for?

Anyone who takes on a loan should have a very good reason for it, whether it's small-value or a bank loan worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. At QuickQuid, we recommend that approved customers use these loans for unexpected emergency expenses, such as a broken-down car or a hole in the roof. This is because taking on a loan is such a significant commitment, and failing to repay on time can have very real consequences on both a customer's credit and finances. That said, once the funds have been delivered to the approved customer, it's up to their discretion as to how they're used.

Why should I choose QuickQuid instead of another lender?

Whilst we are no longer have permissions to lend directly, this may change in the future. The question is still valid, but a better question might be, "How do I choose the right lender for me?" And the answer is to know what you need and to consider all your options. While the need for emergency funding can be urgent, that doesn't mean you should choose a lender rashly. Instead, start by making a budget so you know what you're capable of repaying. Then compare different lenders and what they offer, considering loan amounts, repayment schedules, potential fees and other variables.

If you find that what you're looking for is a loan focused on flexibility, then QuickQuid may be the introducer for you. Our partners offer loans up to £1500 for new customers, repaid over 1 - 12 of your repayment periods. This means you can create a loan that works for your unique financial circumstances, and if approved, get the funds you need.

What's the difference between short-term loans and payday loans?

In many ways, short-term loans and payday loans are the same, in that they offer emergency funding to approved customers that need it, with a relatively short repayment period. However, one way that a QuickQuid arranged loan is different from a traditional payday loan is in the number of repayment options. While many payday loans require repayment on your next payday, a QuickQuid arranged loan comes with the option of 1 - 12 repayments (in addition to accrued interest), meaning you can spread your repayment out over a longer period of time.

Understanding Our Loans

"Short-term" just means that the loan is designed to be repaid quickly or in a short amount of time. Bank loans have terms that normally include repayment plans lasting months or years, and applications for those loans are more detailed. Some companies even offer products called text loans. But it's easier to apply for unsecured loans online than having to leave your home and apply for a loan at a bank. These loans normally have a principal of £1500 or less, and they’re unique in that they are typically repaid when you receive your next paycheque. They’re engineered for those tight spots that life sometimes puts us in when we need a small sum of money quickly.

Looking for the Best Short-term Loans?

At QuickQuid, we've helped arrange a short-term loan product perfectly equipped to help customers in need of quick funds. Our online application process is straightforward, transparent, and requires only a UK residency, proof of regular employment with a paycheque, and that the customer be over 18.

Customers can apply for up to £1,500, and choose to repay their personal loan over 1 - 12 repayment periods. These options allow customers to select loan amounts and a repayment schedule that fits their unique financial circumstances. We provide choices because we understand that every customer is different, and that the best way to achieve peace of mind is to allow them to choose the product that works best for their situation.

There are times when sudden, emergency expenses disrupt your life and you simply don't have the funds to take care of them. This can lead many people to take out a short-term loan without really considering their lender, a situation that may not result in the financial security they're hoping for.

With a introducer like QuickQuid, however, customers can feel secure in knowing exactly what kind of loan they're getting. If approved, they can borrow up to £1500, and receive the funds they need in as little as 10 minutes after approval.§

Handle Emergencies with Short-term Payday Loans

In life, emergencies happen, and oftentimes they can bring with them sudden, unexpected expenses. Many who find themselves in this situation don't have access to the kind of funds they need, and go in search of loans to cover the costs. If this is your situation, you may want to consider applying for a loan with QuickQuid.

Often during those times, a short-term loan is a convenient solution. There are moments in nearly everyone’s life when an expense suddenly comes up, and payday is far away. It might be that a family emergency has come up and you need to cover travel costs. Or perhaps a loved one has an unexpected expense of their own, and you’re the only person who can help. Maybe you've got an auto repair that needs to be taken care of now, or you need to replace a home appliance as soon as possible. Whatever the need for funds is, when it’s urgent and you can’t wait until payday, a short-term loan can help, if approved.

QuickQuid's payday loans, if approved by one of our partner lenders, are a trusted way to get the funds you need without the hassle of long, involved application processes or the wait for credit card loans from a bank. If your application is approved, your loan can be deposited into your bank account within 10 minutes after approval.§ In the privacy and comfort of your own home, you can apply online whenever you need a loan, whether it’s at night, on a weekend or even on a bank holiday. The application is simple and straightforward, and depending on the information you provide, it can usually be processed in about 30 minutes. And our expert customer service team is available seven days a week by phone, or you can chat with us online.


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