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A Beginner’s Guide to Couponing

A Beginner’s Guide to Couponing

Once you have decided you want to take the time-consuming but satisfying journey into the land of couponing, you will begin to notice deals everywhere you go! If you’re interested ... Continue Reading →

Back to School Budget Calculator

With school coming up, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll have to buy before your kids head back to the classroom. To keep yourself from overspending, it’s helpful ... Continue Reading →
Top Educational Apps for Kids of All Ages

Top Educational Apps for Kids of All Ages

Think about your closest family members and friends — do they own a smartphone? We’ll bet the majority of them do! Whether we like it or not, smartphones are everywhere. Your children ... Continue Reading →
Five Frugal School Snacks

Inexpensive Food Snacks for School

Can you believe summer is already coming to a close? Before you know it, your kids will be back in school. Whether they are attending a traditional school or are home-schooled, snacks ... Continue Reading →
Don’t Buy It, DIY It!

Make vs. Buy: 8 DIY Items

Ketchup, shampoo, makeup, household cleaners — did you know you could make all of these items (and many more) at home instead of buying them? Our QuidCorner blog is all about trying ... Continue Reading →
What Is The Cost Of...

What Is The Cost Of…

From nannies in London to hair transplants in Huddersfield, when it comes to finding out the cost of something it is as simple as searching on Google. So it’s no wonder the world’s ... Continue Reading →
Get Away for Cheap!

How to Plan the Perfect Cheap Getaway

We all want to get away from our routine from time to time. The idea of going on holiday is often appealing, however we don’t always have the financial resources (or the desire) to ... Continue Reading →
Price of Pregnancy

Parents Get Saving, As Pregnancy Costs Up To £5,000

A recent study revealed it costs £230,0001 to raise a child to the age of 21, with the bulk of costs going on childcare and education. But becoming a parent starts way before your ... Continue Reading →
Have Some Frugal Fun!

10 Cheap Summer Dates

There are numerous activities happening in every city throughout the summer. If you’re going to them solo, you can easily keep costs down. But if you are bringing a date, it has ... Continue Reading →
Five Frozen Treats

Summer Ice Lolly Recipes

It’s the middle of the summer and it’s hot. You know what could cool you and your family or friends down? A variety of ice lollies! Not only are they simple and cheap to prepare, ... Continue Reading →
Free Summer Fun Apps

7 Apps to Find Summer Fun

Throughout the summer, there are various opportunities for food, entertainment and fun every single day! But how you can keep up with these activities and events? We’ve put together ... Continue Reading →