11 Tricks Restaurants Use to Make You Spend More Money


Eating out can be a delicious treat; it’s great to let someone else take care of the cooking. But when you’re there in the moment you feel a sense of occasion. Maybe you’ll get the wine the waiter recommends. Desert? Sure! Coffee…absolutely.

Then it’s time to pay and a lump forms in your throat.

You might not be aware, but restaurant managers have a number of methods to lure you into spending more than you usually would. But you can stay on top of your money if you wise up to the methods restaurants use.

Our new infographic gathers a veritable feast of such tips into one place. Before you go out to dine, memorise these 12 warning signs. They’ll help you make sure you’re not manipulated into spending more than you want.

It’s easy to have an affordable meal in a restaurant as long as you stay aware of what you’re ordering. Peruse that menu vigilantly, and you’re sure to find something exciting – and which won’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth!

11 tricks restaurants use to make you spend more money infographic

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