15 Easy Ways to Make Food Taste Better


15 Easy Ways to Make Food Taste Better (Header Image)Standard recipes can be pretty basic. You throw the same old ingredients in and wind up with a predictable result. You’d like to do something a bit more adventurous, but anything too complex always seems to end up in disaster! There must be some simple ways to spice up your repertoire.

Indeed, there are! You can give new life to a number of the most common recipes with the addition of a single ingredient. For example, try adding beer to chili con carne to give it a sweeter, homemade flavor.

Sometimes it’s more about technique. If you’ve been slow-roasting your vegetables at a moderate temperature, consider cranking up the heat to 450°F for a tastier, crunchier edge. One little adjustment can make a big difference!

We’ve gathered 15 flavour-boosting tips for our new infographic, each of which is a simple, achievable way to give new life to your favourite recipes.

Take your regular dishes to the next level with these single-step kitchen hacks. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

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