The Best Time of Year to Buy Almost Anything


best time to buy headerThinking about upgrading that tax-filing software? You might want to wait until February. Craving a new power drill for your weekend projects? You’ll get more bang for your buck if you wait for April. With average spending power falling and perpetual necessities hampering our home and business budgets, shoppers need to be cannier than ever with their spending patterns. There are some great tools online for price-checking and of course second-hand or surplus stock sites for general discounts, but if your needs are not pressing you can make serious savings by planning your shopping a year in advance.

Of course, there are some traditionally great shopping days old and new that put ripples in these trends. Black Friday goes back decades, so far in fact that nobody’s quite sure why it has such an ominous name — after all, shopkeepers and consumers alike end the day with a smile on their face. More recently, Amazon Prime Day has become a firm fixture in the consumer calendar thanks to generous discounts on, well, everything — this year’s special saw 24,000 hammocks shifted before midnight struck.

So if you want to get a thrifty advantage before you even leave the house, you’ll want to consult this handy new infographic which acts as a bargain-hunters diary for every conceivable purchase in the shopping year. Make a note of those key purchases way before they become urgent and put those savings you make aside for unavoidable emergency buys.





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