30 Creative Date Ideas That Won’t Cost You a Penny


date idea bannerDating is stressful. You want to make a good impression, but all your fancy ideas cost money. Nobody wants to look like a cheapskate, but how many posh meals or theatre shows can you invite your date to before you run out of cash?

While you’ll want to avoid giving the wrong signals, there are in fact plenty of ways to have a great date without breaking the bank. First, work out what kind of person your date is, and what they’re passion about. Second, stun them with your imagination. She’s a foodie? Try fruit picking in the day, or cooking a new recipe together in the evening. He’s into vintage stuff and discovery? Drag him along to a car boot sale.

If you’re still struggling for ideas our new infographic is here to help! Packed with thirty cost-free date ideas for every type of partner, you’re sure to find something that will impress.

Dating needn’t be expensive or predictable. With the right partner and a rich imagination, the world is your oyster!



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