6 Types of Bosses (And How to Work for Them)

6 Types of Bosses (And How to Work for Them)

Figuring out how your boss thinks can give you a real advantage on the path to success. Research has shown that managers can be divided into six basic categories. But how are you supposed to know which category your boss falls in?

All workplaces depend on hitting that fine-tuned blend of personality types and, no personality is more central than the boss’. Figuring out what it takes to make a great working relationship between the two of you can give you an opportunity to better showcase your skills and hard work.

Perhaps your boss is a dreamer — what’s known as a “visionary” type. They’re inspiring to work for and have great ideas but don’t always provide a plan to carry them out. The best way to work with such a leader is to listen carefully, express your enthusiasm and find practical solutions.

An opposite type of the visionary is the “commander”. Commanders gives you concrete tasks to do and expect them to be done as they’ve instructed. If you want a little more freedom, your best bet is to suggest a list of solutions.

Whatever type of boss you have, you’re sure to find out a bit more about them from our new infographic. It indicates how to identify each of the six main types and how best to work with them.

6 Types of Bosses (And How to Work for Them) Infographic

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