9 unusual ways to use Banana peels

9 Unusual Ways You Can Use Banana Peels

The humble banana – it’s almost impossible to sing its praises high enough, from its versatility in cooking and smoothies, convenient wrapping and, above all, the delicious taste. But before this post becomes a peon to the curvy yellow fruit, one ominous question looms on the horizon – what to do with the apparently inedible peel?

For those of us with gardens or composting bins, the answer is obvious – mulch it and put it back in the ground. But for apartment dwellers – and there are a lot of us – it all too often goes straight into the bin. So what can the environmentally-inclined connoisseur of bananas do with those leftover peels? Well how about polishing your silverware ahead of your next dinner party, or using banana peels as part of your New Year’s juice-detox diet? All you need to do is add the skins to a pot of boiling water, extracting the juices and giving you a tasty addition to your smoothie mixture.

In our new infographic, we’ve scoured the dark corners of the internet to bring you 9 surprising and frugal ways that you can use those unwanted banana peels around the home. With every tonne of bananas producing 10 tonnes of waste, at least the peels should get some extra use now with these ideas!

How to use Banana Peels

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