Creating Your Own Vegetable Garden

Creating Your Own Vegetable Garden

Did you know that £1 tomato plant could provide your home with over 4.5 kg of vegetables over a course of a season? The secret to successful vegetable gardening is taking the time to plan a gardening strategy for your unique space. Whether you live in a flat or a house, you deserve to have a bountiful vegetable garden! Here’s how:

Creating Your Own Vegetable Garden

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Build Up Your Soil. It is best to test your soil before you begin planting a garden with vegetables.

Digging Your Beds. Before planting a garden with vegetables, loosen your soil with a tiller or dig by hand.

Space It Out. To get the maximum yields from each bed, pay close attention to how you arrange your plants.

Grow UP. No matter how small your garden, you can grow more by going vertical.

Variety. Interplanting crops saves space.

Succession Planting. This allows you to grow more than one crop in one space over the course of a growing season.

Extend Your Season. If you don’t want the season to end, buy yourself some more time by planting a leaf lettuce, kale or turnips.

Fact: Beans are the most popular homegrown item! – 1 in 3 eaten in Britain are self-grown.

Fact: Top five homegrown vegetables in the UK are beans, tomatoes, squash, broccoli and carrots.

Fact: On average, 3.5oz of homegrown vegetables are eaten per person every week in the UK.


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