The Beginners Guide to the Supermarket Reduced Aisle


Big brands and big supermarkets are everywhere. With their BOGOF and meal deals, savings are always to be had, especially if you’ve ever encountered… the reduced aisle.

The problem is, those endless aisles can be a real maze when you just want to find a quick deal. How can you make meaningful savings without spending half your day wandering around the shop?

With a proper ‘reduced aisle’ strategy in place, you can become a true hunter-gatherer of the supermarket world. First of all, make yourself aware of when and where supermarkets make discounted goods available. Most big shops have a specific section for stickered items, but it’s also worth checking the aisles that are dedicated to perishable goods: the chilled section, bakery, and fruit and veg area.

When you find the reductions, think twice about each item before you take it. Some items may be on the verge of becoming unusable. Others may tempt you with the classic ‘yellow sticker,’ but actually involve only a small discount.

Our new infographic provides a total guide to reduced aisle wizardry. It includes a special section that lists the times that British supermarkets commonly discount their goods.

Get into training with these tips and you’re sure to become an expert supermarket discount hunter. All that remains is to get out there and snag yourself some bargains!

The Beginners Guide to the Supermarket Reduced Aisle Infographic 

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Jennifer G. is a Social Media Associate at Enova International, Inc., and is interested in finding new and creative ways to be financially savvy.